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PHOTOS : Two Ghanaian Lesbians Got Married In Holland And Ghanaians are not happy about the union

Some months ago, a male Ghanaian and his white male partner got married abroad and it became a subject of debate all over the country. Clearly, Ghanaians were not happy about the union.

A lot of Ghanaians frown on same-sex marriages but it seems those engaged in it are seeking solace abroad where it’s very legal and so it is common to have such marriages in foreign lands than in Ghana.

On December 13, 2017, pictures of two Ghanaian lesbians who had gotten married in Holland went viral.
The two performed both the traditional Ghanaian wedding and the traditional white wedding.

The couple who were seen kissing in beautiful kente outfits kind of sent a distasteful message to most Ghanaians who still believe same-sex unions are abominable.

The took to social media to call the newly-weds several names but the truth is, it’s their life and that’s what they’ve chosen to do so who are we to judge?

Check out some pictures from the ceremony.

1. Together as one.

2. Cutting their cake.

3. Love wins at the end…


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