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Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Metro Manila and Their Fees

When you start thinking about your child’s further education, and the degree that they want, you also start thinking about the cost. With tuition fees skyrocketing, the cost of education can take a lot out of a family financially.

When the Commission on Higher Education approved a 6.48% increase in tuition fees and other fees at the request of higher education institutions in the country, 283 institutions chose to increase tuition fees. The remaining 212 chose to increase other fees instead.

Taking the high cost of education in the country, here’s a look at 10 schools in Metro Manila with the highest tuition fees for the 2017/2018 academic year – for undergraduate degrees.

10. Southville and Foreign Universities
Tuition Fee: USD 9,435 per year

Not to be confused with Southville International Schools and Colleges, the SISFU is affiliated with several British and Australian universities to provide degrees in Business Administration, Culinary Arts, and Hospitality Management.

The school uses a three-term system and those enrolled into their programs will have to pay USD 3,365 for the first term and USD 3,035 for the next two terms.


9.University of Asia and the Pacific
Tuition Fee: Php 180,000 – Php 190,000 per year

Originally established as the Center for Research and Communcation, the University of Asia and the Pacific was originally a think-tank that offered graduate courses in economics. It also conducted social and economic research.

Today, it offers degrees such as Applied Mathematics, Human Capital Development, and Industrial Economics. Students will have to pay between Php 98,031 and Php 91,201 per semester at a full 23-unit course load.


8.De La Salle University
Tuition Fee: Php 196,000 – Php 230,000 per year

Founded in 1911, DLSU has been identified by CHED as a “center of excellence” in six of its programs among other accolades. To date, it offers degrees in Education, Engineering, Business, Technologies and Economics – to name a few.

Students who wish to enroll in Education majors will pay the lowest at Php 65, 148 per term, while Engineering majors pay the highest at Php 76, 233 per term.


7.CIE British School
Tuition Fee: Php 180,000 – Php 280,000 per year

The Centre for International Education, termed the “School for Leaders,” is accredited by Cambridge Assessment under the University of Cambridge. It offers degrees in Business, Information Technologies, and Tourism.

Students are also provided the option to complete their junior year of college at Northwood University, USA, providing them with both a US and PH certified degree.


6.DLSU – College of Saint Benilde
Tuition Fee: Php 180,000 – Php 240,000 per year

Originally founded as a night school in the 1980s, the former College of Career Development got its name in 1988 and is used as a “learner-centered instruction” facility.

It houses the Design and Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Information Technologies, and the Multidisciplinary Studies programs.

Like iAcademy, programs here will cost Php 60,000 to 80,000 per term for three terms a year.


Tuition Fee: Php 181,000 – Php 211,000 per year

Founded in 2001, iAcademy offers degrees that specialize in handling the digital world. Degrees here range from Software Engineering to Game Development. It is also one of the few schools in the country that offer BS Animation.

Students who wish to enroll in four-year programs will be spending up to Php 70,000 per term for three terms a year.


4.Ateneo de Manila University
Tuition Fee: Php 180,000 per year

Ateneo de Manila University is the third-oldest school in the country, having been established in 1859 by the Society of Jesus.

It’s one of the oldest private research institutes in the country, and offers degrees in multiple fields of study.

For the first year, tuition in fields of study like Interdisciplinary Studies or Interactive Multimedia will cost upwards of Php 170,000.


3.Entrepreneurs School of Asia
Tuition Fee: Php 180,000 – Php 195,000 per year

As the first college in Asia whose primary focus is the research and education of Entrepreneurship, the ESA is one of the premier institutions for those who want to pursue Business.

Their intensive programs include Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, and Communication.

The school also offers a Thames Foreign Degree, in addition to the fact that each program’s final six to twelve months are spent immersed in the field they pursue. Tuition for the first year will cost Php 60,000 to Php 65,000 per term.


2.San Beda College
Tuition Fee: Php 146,000 – Php 155,000 per year

Founded in 1901 by Benedictine monks to “defend the Catholic battlements in the field of education,” El Colegio de San Beda was primarily an all-boys school in Manila. It eventually expanded to a full college and lost its exclusivity.

Today the college makes up the greater University Belt area, with two other campuses in Rizal and Alabang. It offers bachelor’s degrees and in the fields of accountancy, business, marketing, computer science, arts, and economics. T

uition fee for the first year for students is anywhere between Php 140,000 to Php 155,000 per year – depending on course loads.


1.Enderun Colleges
Tuition Fee: Php 250,000 – Php 320,000 per year

The BGC-based non-sectarian college specializes in Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management with specialization in Hotel Administration or Culinary Arts, as well as offering degrees in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability.

As of this academic year, an 18-unit course load will cost Php 115,116.30 for local residents.

Extra fees include a Php 12,500 per semester for the Thunderbird Executive Certificate for Business Administration and Entrepreneurship students. For Culinary Arts students, a Php 11,999 per semester fee is required for the Ducasse Education Certificate.

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