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Top 10 Richest People in Israel 2017 [Check Full List ]

Meet the country’s movers and shakers with the deepest pockets as of 2017. Forbes Israel’s just released their list of the country’s 100 richest people.The top ten on the list is still dominated by known names form the industry and finance sectors, but it is possible to see from year to year how the technology giants and young start-ups are showered with money.

Some are more veteran on the list, such as CheckPoint’s founders, and some are relatively new, such as Teddy Sagi and Wework founder Adam Neumann.

10. Adam Neumann

Adam Neumann is an Israeli entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Adam Neumann net worth in March 2017 reached $2.5 Billion, and the tenth position in this list of richest people in Israel. He is the co-founder and CEO of WeWork, an American company that provides shared work areas and related solutions for business owners. Neumann and Miguel McKelvey developed GreenDesk in 2008 as an environmental partner in Brooklyn, New York.

The pair was sold in 2010 and started with WeWork. The company rents as low as $ 45 a month and has become a $ 10 billion company. WeWork, a capitalist of JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Benchmark Capital, has more than 900 million dollars. Neumann graduated from City College in Barco City, New York.


9. Gil Shwed

He is an Israeli developer and entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Gil Shwed net worth in March 2017 reached $2.8 Billion, and the position in this list of richest people in Israel. In Jerusalem in 1968, He was set at the age of 13, and two years later he was still in high school when he began to study computer technology at Hebrew University. Wenzhou Normal University graduates, its military solution belongs to the 8200 computer knowledge base.

After serving, he signed with the Israeli start-up company Protect (now Orbotech) and provided software developers. In 1993, he launched the Examine Factor Technologies Ltd. software program in his leading innovation company with his army Shlomo Kramer and his colleague Marius Nacht at Protect. In the same year, he invented a patented exam status, which is the first FireWall-1 Version based. He is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of Check Point.

In the past year, due to the decline in the value of the company’s shares, its wealth fell between $ 400 million. Recently, his company faced a new round of security services for the completion of the company’s Palo Alto network, which was launched by Nir Zuk, the Inspector’s first batch of engineers, by Cramer’s founder. In addition, Zucker publicly criticized Schweizer for lack of technology. In addition, Shwed has received several awards for his market to pay, he is the annual owner of Ernst & Young in Israel in 2010. In addition, he remained on the board of the Tel Aviv Institute, and the Yelotlot Association.


8. Idan Ofer

He is an Israeli tycoon and philanthropist. According to Forbes, Idan Ofer net worth in March 2017 reached $3.1 Billion, and the position in this list of richest people in Israel. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, son of Sammy Ofer. Sammy Ofer, in addition to brothers and sisters, created in the fifties the team of Ofer Brothers, a holding company.

The next 50 years of business continue to expand, expanding into technology, real estate, and multimedia businesses. After the death of Sammy Ofer and Yuli Ofer in 2011, Idan and his brother Eyal acquired a considerable portion of the Ofer Brothers team because they were already liquefied. They also have the integrated transportation services of Zim, one of the largest shipping companies in the world.

Ofer is also responsible for the Ofer subsidiary, Quantum Pacific Team, as well as the president of California BetterBusiness. He is also the film director of Pacific Adventure.


7. Teddy Sagi

He is an Israeli billionaire. According to Forbes, Teddy Sagi net worth in March 2017 reached $3.1 Billion, and the seventh position in this list of richest people in Israel. He is the owner of Playtech, Playtech is a video game software business growing a business providing software applications for online casinos, Texas hold’em online halls, online video bingo games, betting Online sports, temporary games, games and fixed odds games to video games online.

In 1999, he developed the company, and in 2006 he was listed on the London Stock Market. In the last two years, it has increased its share by 40%, reaching almost 50%, and it is to a large extent. Playtech’s market share over the past year has grown practically, increasing Sagi’s wealth by tens of millions. Along with Playtech, it also has multiple e-commerce solutions, electronic payment companies, instant operator operators and commercial real estate businesses in different European hotels.

It is said that Sagi acquired one of the most elegant houses in Israel for about 35 million dollars. As one of the most qualified bachelor’s degrees in the world, its date is Bar Refaeli. As wealth continues to expand, Teddy S i is one of Israel’s ten richest people.


6. Shaul Shani

He is an Israeli entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Shaul Shani net worth in March 2017 reached $3.3 Billion, and the sixth position in this list of richest people in Israel. Among the wealthiest people in Israel today, Shani became a co-founder of several companies in the 1980s as in the 1980s, such as Oshap Technologies, Technomatix, and Sapiens.

Prior to Nasdaq’s listing, the three companies were offered to customers. Later, Shani also became the main capitalist of the Precise Software application, and also in the DSP team. In the late 1990s, it established a global urban telecommunications company in Brazil, which was included in 2007 and provided it to Vivendi for $ 4.5 billion in 2009, after two years.

At the same time, Shaul Shani in 2007 to use his misleading automobile investment team Swarth, joined Ashmore, which is a headquarters in the UK investment team, assets from $ 71 million to $ 1.25 billion Israeli acquisition ECI The company, listed on the Nasdaq. In addition to the above, the investment company Shani not only refers to telecommunications, software applications, and network security but also focus on financial investment, including capital markets, mezzanine loans, and transactions algorithms. In doing so, he developed billions of dollars of wealth.


5. Yitzhak Tshuva

He is an Israeli commercial tycoon. According to Forbes, Yitzhak Tshuva net worth in March 2017 reached $3.7 Billion, and the fifth position in this list of richest people in Israel. He is the president of the El-Ad Group, a family-owned business, mainly in the United States and Canada.

In July 2012, it sold 60% of the risk to Crown Gems, Manhattan Plaza and $ 675 million in retail stores. In addition to Israel’s Real Estate Development Group, Tshuva owns the Delek team, which is once again located in Israel’s energy group. Tshuva’s fairy-tale story begins in Netanya, in a lonely room where her bad family lives temporarily.

Once Tshuva became a contractor, in the early 1980s and early 1990s, the Soviet Jewish affluence of Israel’s architectural and architectural prosperity gained a clean wealth and things improved. In 1998, when his life changed, he had coordinated the acquisition of Drake, Israel’s second-largest oil and gas company. Tshuva lacked enough to establish a fund in Delek to provide scholarships to 400 Israeli students each year. In March 2013, Tshuva was the eighth richest man in Israel. He married five children.


4. Shari Arison

She is an Israeli-born businesswoman and philanthropist. According to Forbes, Shari Arison net worth in March 2017 reached $4.9 Billion, and the fourth position in this list of richest people in Israel. She owns some organizations (the largest are Hapoalim financial institutions) and the Arison team (with value-dominated companies as well as humanitarian organizations).

Shari Arison is just one of the richest and most famous ladies on earth. Shari Arison manages the business and social investment in 38 countries of the five continents with 27,000 workers.

She also owns a stake in Shikun & Binui Holdings Limited, a real estate group. As the owner of Tel-Aviv, she tried to locate herself by buying some environmentally-friendly jobs, including a huge desalination plant and a green commercial center in Israel and launched Miya in 2008.


3. Arnon Milchan

He is an Israeli businessman. According to Forbes, Arnon Milchan net worth in March 2017 reached $5.2 Billion, and the third position in this list of richest people in Israel. Since 1977, when he was involved in the American film business, he created a series of incredible films, including the past in the United States (1984), The Beautiful Woman (1990), The Siege (1992), Natural Born Killers 1994) , LA Confidential (1997), Unfaithful (2002) and many others.

In addition to his name as a filmmaker, he was Israel’s Israeli intelligence department and owner. Shortly after graduating from the London School of Business Economics, he was hired as Israel’s secret intelligence firm LAKAM, responsible for implementing the Israeli top-secret Israeli nuclear program. As a business intern, he effectively transformed the family’s insolvent fertilizer company into a $ 125 million business, with a passion for agriculture, the aerospace industry, animal healthcare products, plastics, fiber, and drugs.

In addition to the above, milk is also a serious art collector, he has been making his own paintings.


2. Stef Wertheimer

He is an Israeli industrialist, philanthropist, investor and former politician. According to Forbes, Stef Wertheimer net worth in March 2017 reached $5.6 Billion, and the second position in this list of richest people in Israel. He cuts off ISCAR’s manufacturing facility through the small metal equipment that started in the backyard in 1952, and most of the money is cut through production facilities. ISCAR triumphs quickly, attracting investors, such as Discount Investments, who, to some extent, become minority investors.

Wertheimer’s company initially attracted global attention in 2006, when it became Warren Buffett’s primary and important Berkshire Hathaway international goal. At that time, Wertheimer sold 80 percent of Iscar to Buffett, who had only 20 percent of the risk in the company, currently operated by his son Eitan. As of today, ISCAR is just one of the largest (sold) carbide cutting tool manufacturers used by General Motors and Ford’s renowned car manufacturers around the world.

It has more than 50 countries in the world with many branches, the company has about 6,000 employees. However, because of difficult economic problems, the company fought in 2012.

In addition to earning money, He actually gave more than $ 100 million of its own long-term stability between Israel and the Palestinian region. Wertheimer won the Oslo Peace Organization award in 2010 for peacekeeping work in Vienna.


1. Eyal Ofer

He is an Israeli entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Eyal Ofer net worth in March 2017 reached $8.9 Billion, and the first position in this list of richest people in Israel. He and his younger brother Idan from his delivery of the magnate dad Sammy Ofer inherited a lot of money.

After his father died in June 2011, Eyal led the Zodiac Animal Agency, a private company based in London with more than 150 vessels. Since then, he has served as President of the Maritime Council, as well as shares of the Royal Canadian Caribbean Cruise Company and the Mizrahi Tefahot Bank.

In terms of global holdings, he has an incredible collection of real estates, such as Altria’s Structure, and Central New York’s 15 Central. As for the global holding company, it is currently rebuilding the historic San Vincent sanitary installation in Greenwich Town (engineer Robert A. M.Stern), as well as 50 United Nations squares (engineer Norman Foster).

In addition to the above, Eyal Ofer has a stake in Miller Global, including 1,002 JW Marriott San Antonio Hillside Village Hotel and Day Spa and Nickelodeon Suites in Orlando. Both brothers and sisters not only share their father’s empire delivery, and their huge art collection.

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