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Top 10 Richest Politicians in Philippines 2017

Freedom of information is important when talking about the financial data of our beloved politicians. Many continuously push the law of legalizing FOI Bill, but the bill is still in its idling state, its importance ignored by our lawmakers.

But fortunately, some indicators like the SAL-N (Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth) are still present to examine the amount of money our politicians have. Being the richest politician doesn’t necessarily equate him/her as a corrupt official, but it’s a good tool to see the movement of their wealth. But who’s the richest of them all? Checking this list would surprise you to discover the richest politicians in the country.

#10. Jinggoy Estrada – Php 195 Million

Jose Estrada or widely known as Jinggoy Estrada, is the son of the current Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. Like his father, Jinggoy is also an action star during his day. On the side of sophistication, he earned an A.B. Economics degree from the University of the Philippines Manila.

Jinggoy has already a long journey of being a public servant. But do you know what happened in 2013. Php 585 million? Pork Barrel Scam? Jinggoy is behind bars for that reason, along with his friend Bong Revilla. #bffgoals

#9 Manuel ‘’Mar” Roxas II – Php 211 million

Everybody knows Mar Roxas. From his controversial statements during typhoon Yolanda, up to his recent presidential candidacy, who would ignore such important figure in the history of our messy politics?

Roxas is well known for his position as the Department of Interior and Local Government secretary under PNoy’s rule, and for his fierce competition with DU30 to reach the presidency – where every issue and baho of each side is exposed. But Mar fought the good fight.

#8 Cesar Purisima – Php 279 million

Purisima is PNoy’s Department of Finance’s secretary, but a unique one. Purisima has proven his great leadership when he received several awards from both local and foreign agencies. Finance Minister of the Year (2012), The Banker, Bayani, those awards were just some proofs of his excellence. Oha!

But actually, Purisima’s expertise is a product of his early career as a Public Accountant and also a manager of huge companies. Purisima is indeed one of PNoy’s perfect choices.

#7 Ramon Jimenez Jr. – Php 282 million

We often see the advertisements in both Internet and public, It’s More Fun in the Philippines. And the man behind that witty ad is none other than Ramon Jimenez Jr. Like Cesar Purisima, Jimenez had his experience in his own career as a notable advertising executive.

“As easy to sell as Chickenjoy”, that’s how Jimenez promised to transform the Philippines into an alluring destination for all people around the world. A graduate from UP Diliman, Jimenez owns the country’s largest creative advertising agent – the JimenezBasic Advertising.

#6. Bongbong Marcos – Php 437 million

The Marcos has been in exile after the traumatizing Martial Law Era. But today, a new Marcos is marching off again towards the highest political seat of the country.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. currently ran for the Vice Presidential seat against Leni Robredo. And we’re all updated that he’s still protesting against the pandaraya kuno done by Leni’s party. Hmm, that’s an irony for the Marcos’. But still, Marcos’ riches are great and still cast doubts as to its source.

#5 The Rectos – Php 497 million

The Rectos fulfilled their goals for being both politicians, with Vilma being Batangas’ governor and Ralph as a Senator.

For those of you who don’t know them, Vilma Santos-Recto is one of the most sensationalized stars during our parents and grandparents’ time. While Ralph Recto is known for his very lovely gift that all Filipinos received – the E-VAT. You will see it whenever you check your receipt having a 12% tax. Cheers!

#4. Albert del Rosario – Php 765 million

Albert Del Rosario is PNoy’s richest Cabinet Member, holding the position as the secretary of Department of Foreign Affairs.

Rosario finished his Economics degree in New York University, and his ties with the Aquinos can be traced back during Cory Aquino’s reign when Rosario accompanied her on her US state visit. Aside from that, Aquino gladly gave Rosario a Philippine Army Award when he’s the Chair of Makati Foundation for Education.

#3 Manny Pacquiao – Php 1.3 billion

We don’t need to doubt as to where Pacquiao’s money came from. His fight with Mayweather earned him a whopping $160 million!

Pacquiao has currently won the senatorial seat, and his poor performance as a congressman and his remarks regarding homosexuality are still haunting his image worldwide. His lack of education in politics also pushes people to deny his capability as a Senator. And that’s our challenge for our Boxer. We’re still hoping you’ll prove them wrong, Manny.

#2. Cynthia Villar – Php 1.62 billion

Cynthia Villar is the wife of the famous politician/businessman Manny Villar. Both graduated from University of the Philippines Diliman, the love story of the two started in the University.

Gifted with both skills and education, Cynthia practiced as a financial analyst before helping her husband manage their own business. Cynthia is a member of Nacionalista Party, along with his husband. #anothergoals

#1  Manny Villar – Php 67 billion

If Cynthia is the second richest politician, it’s not a surprise that his husband came as the richest politician in the country.

As the owner of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., and Vitacare Healthgroup, Inc., Villar is one of the billionaires in the country. For a quick throwback, Villar ran for the Presidential seat against Noynoy Aquino in the 2010 National Elections. Sadly, his “Sipag at Tyaga” line didn’t succeed, making him 3rd in the election results.

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